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Bolstering Our Defenses

Capture Crown Guard Tower, Eastwall Tower, Northpass Tower and Plaguewood Tower in the Eastern Plaguelands, then return to Emmisary Gormok at Light's Hope Chapel.
Capture Crown Guard Tower
Capture Eastwall Tower
Capture Northpass Tower
Capture Plaguewood Tower


Agents of the Forsaken uncovered an Alliance plot to establish new bases here in the Eastern Plaguelands, at abandoned towers throughout the area.

It is imperative that we not allow them to establish a significant presence on our eastern borders, and so we must stave off this Alliance incursion. Our current plans are to drive them out of any towers they may have already seized, and occupy those that we have under our control against further attacks.




You will receive: 90  (or 1 47 if completed at level 80)