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Thirsting For Power

Retrieve a Potent Voidwalker Essence from the Vengeful Voidwalkers and return to Taleris Dawngazer at Falcon Watch.
Potent Voidwalker Essence


Falcon Watch serves as a stop for pilgrims on their long journey into Outland. Although we are an early stop on the way,many of the pilgrims reach us exhausted and wracked by their addictions.

In a world such as this,many find it necessary to relearn mastery of their magical addiction. Food and drink help,<class>,but magical energy is their greatest need. The remains of Outland's voidwalkers provide a potent source of energy,but they grow rare and can only be found in the Warp Fields to the southwest.


You will receive: 2 90  (or 9 14 if completed at level 80)


Upon completion of this quest you will gain: