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Winterfall Ritual Totem

Take the Winterfall Ritual Totem inside Timbermaw Hold and see if one of the furbolgs there will find a use for the item. The Timbermaw will not speak with you unless you are of Neutral reputation or greater with them.
Winterfall Ritual Totem (Provided)
Timbermaw Hold (Neutral)


You have found one of the Winterfall furbolg's ritual totems. The totem itself is of non-descript construction, but it seems to emanate an almost tangible sense of dread and despair. If many of the Winterfall furbolgs do indeed carry these, it certainly would go a long way in explaining their current condition.

One of the furbolgs inside Timbermaw Hold may have a use for such an item... that is, if you've earned their trust enough for them to speak with you.




You will receive: 1 70  (or 2 21 if completed at level 80)
Major Mana Potion Major Healing Potion


Upon completion of this quest you will gain: