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Honoring a Hero

Travel to Uther's Tomb in Western Plaguelands and use Uther's Tribute at his statue, and then return to Wagner Hammerstrike outside Ironforge before the Harvest Festival is over.


Place a tribute at Uther's Tomb
Provided item:
Uther's Tribute


During the Harvest Festival of Azeroth, we give thanks to heroes for the sacrifices - in some cases ultimate sacrifices - they have given on our behalf. The Alliance acknowledges many heroes, but none weave a more tragic tale than that of Uther Lightbringer.

Help us honor Uther by taking this offering to his tomb in the Western Plaguelands. Place it at his statue, and then return to me. I'll only be here through the end of the festival, so waste no time in giving Uther his tribute.




You will receive: 13 23 if completed at level 80
For the Light!


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
  • 5 experience
  • 500 reputation with Alliance

You will receive this letter by Wagner Hammerstrike after 1 day

I bid you well, my friend. I hope your fight on behalf of the Alliance goes to your satisfaction. I certainly look forward to a time where others will look upon you with a legacy anywhere as rich and as treasured as the one of Uther Lightbringer.

I have not forgotten your act of kindness not only to me, but to the memory of Uther during the Harvest Festival. I've sent you something I hope you might find to your liking. Use it well.

By Bronzebeard's Hammer,
Bounty of the Harvest