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Stolen Winter Veil Treats
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Stolen Winter Veil Treats

Locate the Smokywood Pastures investigator that has gone missing in the snowy regions of the Alterac Mountains.


Listen... not to shatter the magic of the season here, but Smokywood Pastures could use some assistance - the kind you adventuring types are known to give.

We're missing an important shipment of treats that was restocking us for the season, and now we're missing the agent of Smokywood Pastures that we sent out to the field to find it! Please - the shipment was last reported in the Alterac Mountains, and that's where our man went to look for it.

See if both are out there, safe and sound!



You will receive: 3 30 if completed at level 80


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
  • 2 experience

You will receive this letter by Strange Snowman after 1 day

Ho ho hello again, <name>!

Though I and the good folks of Smokywood Pastures have been quite busy this season, I just wanted to send you something special along to you. You'll be happy to know what we unfroze Sacks out in the Alterac Mountains; he sends his best.

In freeing Sacks, we managed to develop a novelty device that I think you might enjoy. You will need a snowball to power it, but I think you'll enjoy it quite a bit!

Greatfather Winter
Winter Veil Disguise Kit