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I Got Nothin' Left!

Travel to Kalimdor, to the coastal city of Theramore. From there you must search for an island, south of the main town. Nat Pagle awaits your arrival!


I'm a dwarf fer cryin' out loud, <lad/missy>! I ain't been designed to fish! I mean look at me! I'm practically made outta stone.

I got nothin' left - ye tapped me out. I've taught ye all I know, flipflop!

Don't ye get it? Ah, fine. I got an ol' friend over on Kalimdor who can help ye out. 'Is name be Nat Pagle, a fine lad. Find him on the islands south o' Theramore. Git goin'!



You will receive: 8 40 if completed at level 80