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Hameya's Plea

Kill Infiltrator Hameya. Use his key on the Mound of Dirt behind the Undercroft.
Hameya's Key


Kill me. Before it's too late.

I am Hameya. While traveling to Zul'Mashar, my brethren and I ate some bad meat... and we changed. We are infected.

I can feel the lich's words now, urging me to reach Zul'Mashar and infect more of my people. I cannot resist, and so I wrote this scroll before my will left me.

I buried a chest in dirt next to a wagon behind this crypt, but only my key will open it. I have the key. If you want my treasure, then find me.

Kill me. Before it's too late.




You will receive: 90  (or 1 47 if completed at level 80)
Hameya's Slayer Hameya's Cloak