Quick Facts
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Mission Accomplished!


<name>, your successful re-engineering of the cauldrons is a tremendous victory for us!

<The commander clears his throat and begins to bellow loudly.>

Let all within my presence hear: for service to the Kingdom of Stormwind and to the Alliance above and beyond the call of duty - in the face of overwhelming odds and incredible danger, might I add - I give <name> this, and I extend upon <him /her> our undying gratitude as a true hero of the Alliance. Cheers, I say!


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Intrepid Shortsword Valiant Shortsword
You will also receive: 81 if completed at level 80
Heroic Commendation Medal


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

You will receive this letter by High Executor Derrington after 1 day

My friend - though my arm is weary from the battle we continue to wage in the Plaguelands, it is always strong enough to pen this missive to a hero such as you. It pleases me to know the aid you rendered us continues to yield benefits, ones we try to enact upon on a daily basis.

Should you find yourself in the Western Plaguelands soon, please stop by the Bulwark. Your seasoned hand would be most welcomed in a cauldron run!

Yours in the Darkness:
High Executor Derrington