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Verifying the Corruption

Seek out and destroy 2 Entropic Beasts and 2 Entropic Horrors while exploring Shatter Scar Vale. After checking to see if the craters there are still filled with corrupt fel water, return to Taronn Redfeather in Felwood.


Explore the craters in Shatter Scar Vale
Entropic Beast slain (2)
Entropic Horror slain (2)


To the north, along the east of the road in what's called Shatter Scar Vale, is an area where infernals were called down during the last great war--the craters still scar the land, as do the infernals themselves.

I am curious about two things. First, are there still entropic elementals roaming the area? And second, are the craters still filled with the corrupt, fetid water that gathered there years ago? Will you help me and check, <name>? Be careful though, the infernals destroy anything in their path.




You will receive: 1 65  (or 2 23 50 if completed at level 80)


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
  • 9,850 experience