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Jammal'an the Prophet

The Atal'ai Exile in The Hinterlands wants the Head of Jammal'an.
Head of Jammal'an


My Witherbark companions don't take kindly to strangers around their home.

Me? I don't have a home anymore. I was exiled from my people, the great Atal'ai tribe of the Swamp of Sorrows.

Our spiritual leader, Jammal'an, had what he called a prophecy. He believes the summoning of the god, Hakkar will bring the Atal'ai immortality.

But I urged caution. What if the prophecy was nothing more than manipulation?

I want revenge for my exile. Bring me Jammal'an's head. Maybe then my people will be free.




You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Rainstrider Leggings Helm of Exile
You will also receive: 69 if completed at level 80