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Life or Death

Rheanna at Blue Sky Logging Grounds wants you to use the Renewing Bandage on 10 Wounded Westfall Infantry units.
Westfall Infantry Healed (10)
Provided item:
Renewing Bandage


Oh, the carnage....

I've been through many battles, <class>, and this one was more brutal than any I've seen. Our fight with the Horde has become more intense than ever. It's them or us here in Northrend - life or death.

If we are to survive here another day we'll need to mend our wounded. There are too many for me to rescue alone.

I've prepared special bandages that will enable you to assist me. Take one and tend to those who have not yet succumbed to their wounds.



You will receive: 5 60  (or 15 56 if completed at level 80)


Upon completion of this quest you will gain: