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Army of the Black Dragon

Tharg in Brackenwall Village wants you to kill 10 Firemane Scouts, 10 Firemane Ash Tails, and 5 Firemane Scalebanes.
Firemane Scout slain (10)
Firemane Ash Tail slain (10)
Firemane Scalebane slain (5)


Mok'Morokk was made Overlord by Rexxar. He care more for power than he care for ogres.

Black dragons kill many ogre. Kill Tharg's wife. Mok'Morokk tell us to run. Make us come here.

Ogre should fight. Ogres not good at running. Mok'Morokk care only about Mok'Morokk.

Me call Stonemaul Ruins home. Me like it in the south. This place not home.

Help ogres fight army of the black dragon. Me want revenge. Me want to go home.




You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Tharg's Shoelace Tharg's Disk
You will also receive: 27 60 if completed at level 80