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Distraction at the Dead Scar

Battlemage Arynna wants you to speak to Ayren Cloudbreaker when you're ready to fly over the Dead Scar. Once there, use the Arcane Charges to kill 2 Pit Overlords, 3 Eredar Sorcerers and 12 Wrath Enforcers.
Arcane Charges (Provided)
Pit Overlord slain (2)
Eredar Sorcerer slain (3)
Wrath Enforcer slain (12)


The Legion will move against us as soon as their forces to the south are freed up. The Scourge at the Dead Scar are keeping their forces occupied at the moment. It won't last long, however.

I want you to fly a dragonhawk over to the scar and put a dent in the demons' numbers with these arcane charges.

If all goes well, they won't even notice us taking the armory from Kael's lackeys. Talk to Ayren, the dragonhawk master in the west part of the harbor, when you're ready to fly there.




You will receive: 3 40  (or 3 97 if completed at level 80)


Upon completion of this quest you will gain: