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Catch the Wild Wolpertinger!

The "dwarf," Glodrak Huntsniper, has asked you to capture 5 Stunned Wolpertingers using the Wolpertinger Net. He mentioned that you must be intoxicated or wearing Synthebrew Goggles to see them.
Stunned Wolpertinger (5)
Wolpertinger Net (Provided)


Hey there! I'm a crazy dwarf! We dwarves believe when you get enough brew together, invisible creatures show up. In fact they are probably wandering around the Brewfest grounds right now! But you can only see them if you are really drunk.

We dwarves will come up with any excuse to drink.

I bet you want a reason to drink too... So here it is, bring me 5 of those wolpertingers with this net I got from a really drunk dwarf.

If you can't see them, get some Synthebrew Goggles from me - almost as good!




You will receive:
Wolpertinger's Tankard
This quest will be converted to Catch the Wild Wolpertinger! if you transfer to Alliance.