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Test Flight: Raven's Wood

Speak with Rally Zapnabber to use the Zephyrium Capacitorium. Return to Tally Zapnabber at Toshley's Station.


Dive into Danger.


The Zephyrium Capacitorium is ready for its longest launch yet! What do you say, <name>? Do you want to fly one more time?

I've been boosting the proplusion system but, until I get all the variables hammered out, the capicitorium will need added fuel to give it the necessary kick! Speak with Rally before the flight -- he has the details.

Best of luck, <name>. This flight will take you to distant Raven's Wood. If you survive the flight -- and the wood's ogres and arakkoa -- come back and we'll celebrate!



You will receive: 80  (or 1 61 if completed at level 80)


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
  • 13,350 experience