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Jin'Zil's Forest Magic

Witch Doctor Jin'Zil at Malaka'jin wants 5 portions of Stonetalon Sap, 5 Twilight Whiskers, 30 Courser Eyes and a Fey Dragon Scale.
Stonetalon Sap (5)
Twilight Whisker (5)
Courser Eye (30)
Fey Dragon Scale


So excited I am!

Three little cages for three little elves! But what shall we do with our lovely tree-hugging friends? Why, let's give them a taste of... what do they call it... forest magic!

I'll need a good mess of Stonetalon sap. From those horrid felines, bring me some twilight whiskers. This calls for plenty of courser eyes, of course -- can never have enough eyes. Oh, and lest we forget, a precious scale from a fey dragon.

Hurry to Stonetalon Peak, <name>, so I can brew some forest magic!




You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Voodoo Mantle Hexed Bracers
You will also receive: 12 60 if completed at level 80


Upon completion of this quest you will gain: