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It's Happy Hour Somewhere

Drink 25 different types of beverages.

Criteria – Requires 25 out of 190

Bash Ale
Bitter Plasma
Tea with Sugar
Bottled Alterac Spring Water
Grunt's Waterskin
Loch Modan Lager
Fizzy Energy Drink
Freshly-Squeezed Lemonade
Scourgebane Infusion
Stranglethorn Brew
Sparkling Apple Cider
Fizzy Faire Drink "Classic"
Mudder's Milk
Half Empty Bottle of Prison Moonshine
Anguish Ale
Dire Brew
Ethereal Liqeuer
Bartlett's Bitter Brew
Pure Energy
Halaani Whiskey
Stonebreaker Brew
Crimson Steer Energy Drink
Harvest Nectar
Rumsey Rum
Stout Shrunken Head
Glass of Dalaran Red
Glass of Eversong Wine
Thunderbrew Ale
Gordok Grog
Mysterious Fermented Liquid
Bottle of Silvermoon Port
Brewdoo Magic
Path of Brew
Barleybrew Clear
Barleybrew Light
Glass of Vintage Dalaran Red
Glass of Dalaran White
Caraway Burnwine
Black Coffee
Blackrock Mineral Water
Blended Bean Brew
Bottled Winterspring Water
Captain Rumsey's Lager
Cheap Beer
Conjured Crystal Water
Conjured Glacier Water
Conjured Mineral Water
Conjured Purified Water
Conjured Spring Water
Dark Dwarven Lager
Don Carlos Tequila
Egg Nog
Enriched Terocone Juice
Fizzy Faire Drink
Flask of Port
Goldthorn Tea
Holiday Spirits
Ice Cold Milk
Melon Juice
Moonberry Juice
Morning Glory Dew
Plugger's Blackrock Ale
Refreshing Spring Water
Rumsey Rum Dark
Southshore Stout
Star's Lament
Pungent Seal Whey
Jug of Bourbon
Steamwheedle Fizzy Spirits
Lord of Frost's Private Label
Rhapsody Malt
Sweet Nectar
Watered-down Beer
Winterfin "Depth Charge"
Aerie Peak Pale Ale
Bitter Plasma
Cuergo's Gold
Aromatic Honey Brew
Honey Mead
Snowplum Brandy
Blackrock Lager
Fresh Apple Juice
Grizzleberry Juice
Eversong Port
Keg of Thunderbrew Lager
Metok's Bubble Bock
Stranglethorn Brew
Bartlett's Bitter Brew
Izzard's Ever Flavor
Lord of Frost's Private Label
Suntouched Special Reserve
Tournament Brew
Conjured Mana Strudel
Trogg Ale
Gordok Green Grog
Winter Veil Eggnogg
Stouthammer Lite
Fiery Festival Brew
Bubbly Beverage
Scourgebane Draught
Draenic Pale Ale
Dark Brewmaiden's Brew
Harkor's Home Brew
Iced Berry Slush
Blade's Edge Ogre Brew
Half Full Bottle of Prison Moonshine
Thunderbrew's Hard Ale
Diluted Ethereum Essence
Lord of Frost's Private Label
Autumnal Acorn Ale
Peon Sleep Potion
Brightstong Wine
Ethereum Essence
Footman's Waterskin
Kreeg's Stout Beatdown
Blessed Sunfruit Juice
Fishliver Oil
Yeti Milk
Glass of Peaked Dalaran Red
Thunderbrew Stout
Thunder 45
Skin of Mulgore Firewater
Cup of Frog Venom Brew
Flask of Bitter Cactus Cider
Jungle River Water
Long Stride Brew
Barleybrew Dark
Ogre Mead
Glass of Aged Dalaran Red
Small Step Brew
Bad Egg Nog
Blackrock Fortified Water
Blackrock Spring Water
Bottle of Pinot Noir
Bubbling Water
Cenarion Spirits
Cherry Grog
Conjured Fresh Water
Conjured Manna Biscuit
Conjured Mountain Spring Water
Conjured Sparkling Water
Conjured Water
Darkmoon Special Reserve
Dos Ogris
Enchanted Water
Filtered Draenic Water
Flagon of Mead
Gilneas Sparkling Water
Greatfather's Winter Ale
Hot Apple Cider
Junglevine Wine
Molasses Firewater
Netehrgarde Bitter
Purified Draenic Water
Rumsey Rum Black Label
Rumsey Rum Light
Skin of Dwarven Stout
Sparkling Southshore Cider
Bottled Spirits
Star's Tears
Honeymint Tea
Thunder Ale
Sulfuron Slammer
Sweetened Goat's Milk
Frostberry Juice
Thistle Tea
Raptor Punch
Volatile Rum
Aromatic Honey Brew
Cuergo's Gold with Worm
Blackrock Lager
Wizbang's Special Brew
Binary Brew
Hyjal Nectar
Binary Brew
Crusader's Waterskin
Wild Winter Pilsner
Springtime Stout
Autumnal Acorn Ale
Draenic Pale Ale
Izzard's Ever Flavor
Metok's Bubble Bock
Springtime Stout
Wild Winter Pilsner