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Tastes Like Chicken

Sample 50 different kinds of Azeroth's delectable dishes.

Criteria – Requires 50 out of 422

Spicy Crawdad
Highlander's Field Ration
Defiler's Iron Ration
Defiler's Enriched Ration
Arathi Basin Enriched Ration
Very Berry Cream
Buttermilk Delight
Hallow's End Pumpink Treat
Candy Corn
Warsong Gulch Field Ration
Warsong Gulch Enriched Ration
Bag of Peanuts
Chewy Fel Taffy
Tricky Treat
Edible Fern
Edible Stalks
Fire-toasted Bun
Toasted Smorc
Sweet Surprise
Raw Rockscale Cod
Raw Raindbow Fin Albacore
Raw Mithril Head Trout
Raw Loch Frenzy
Shimmering Minnow
Raw Whitescale Salmon
Raw Sunscale Salmon
Raw Spotted Yellowtail
Raw Slitherskin Mackerel
Raw Bristle Whisker Catfish
Oil Covered Fish
Magic Eater
Large Raw Mightfish
Honeyed Holiday Ham
Freshly-Speared Emperor Salmon
Egg Nog
Dalaran Apple Bowl
Underwater Mushroom Cap
Spotted Yellowtail
Bad Egg Nog
Styleen's Sour Suckerpop
Spiced Wolf Meat
Delicious Cave Mold
Spongy Morel
Spicy Fried Herring
Spiced Wolf Ribs
Tender Wolf Steak
Very Burnt Worg
Sporeggar Mushroom
Spicy Hot Talbuk
Goblin Deviled Clams
Un'Goro Etherfruit
Spiced Wyrm Burger
Sporeling Snack
Spider Sausage
Tender Shovelsteak Steak
Zangar Trout
Zangar Caps
Spicy Beefstick
Spinefin Halibut
Spicy Blue Nettlefish
Steamed Mandu
Lovely Cake Slice
Winter Kimchi
Golden Fish Sticks
Lynx Steak
Goldenbark Apple
Mag'har Grainbread
Warp Burger
Telaari Grapes
Mag'har Mild Cheese
Gooey Spider Cake
Sunspring Carp
Goretusk Liver Pie
Marsh Lichen
Mead Basted Caribou
Crusty Flatbread
Mega Mammoth Meal
Baked Manta Ray
Mighty Rhino Dogs
Mingo's Fortune Giblets
Mithril Head Trout
Cured Ham Steak
Moist Cornbread
Bat Bites
Monster Omelet
Moon Harvest Pumpkin
Moonbrook Riot Taffy
Curiously Tasty Omelet
Mulgore Spice Bread
Beer Basted Boar Ribs
Mutton Chop
Mystery Stew
Naaru Ration
Northern Stew
Carrion Surprise
Oronok's Tuber of Agility
Oronok's Tuber of Agility
Oronok's Tuber of Spell Power
Dalaran Brownie
Pickled Egg
Candy Cane
Pickled Kodo Foot
Poached Bluefish
Poached Emperor Salmon
Harvest Fruit
Poached Northern Sculpin
Candy Bar
Radish Kimchi
Rainbow Fin Albacore
Ravager Dog
Cactus Apple Surprise
Raw Black Truffle
Raw Tallhorn Chunk
Red Hot Wings
Red Velvet Cupcake
Red-speckled Mushroom
Cabbage Kimchi
Refreshing Red Apple
Rhino Dogs
Rhinolicious Wyrmsteak
Ripe Watermelon
Roast Raptor
Buzzard Bites
Roasted Clefthoof
Roasted Kodo Meat
Roasted Moongraze Tenderloin
Roasted Quail
Stormwind Brie
Rock-Salted Pretzel
Dried Mushroom Rations
Honey Bread
Darnassus Kimchi Pie
Honey-Spiced Liichen
Hot Buttered Trout
Dry Pork Ribs
Deep Fried Candybar
Hot Wolf Ribs
Enriched Manna Biscuit
Deep Fried Plantains
Juicy Bear Burger
Essence Mango
Deeprun Rat Kabob
Fatty Bluefin
Last Weeks Mammoth
Delicious Baked Ham
Feltail Delight
Leg Meat
Lobster Stew
Loch Frenzy Delight
Black Mushroom
Berry Pie Slice
Brilliant Smallfish
Bonestripper Buzzard Hotwings
Bobbing Apple
Blood Sausage
Bladespire Bagel
Barbecued Buzzard Wings
Carrot Cupcake
Crab Cake
Cookie's Jumbo Gumbo
Cooked Glossy Mightfish
Conjured Sweet Roll
Crunchy Spider Surprise
Crunchy Frog
Crocolisk Gumbo
Crispy Lizard Tail
Conjured Rye
Conjured Muffin
Conjured Mana Pie
Conjured Croissant
Conjured Bread
Clamlette Surprise
Clam Chowder
Alterac Swiss
Fisherman's Feast
Fissure Plant
Garadar Sharp
Forest Mushroom Cap
Chocolate Cake Slice
Fresh Eagle Meat
Freshly Baked Bread
Clam Bar
Fish Feast
Friendship Bread
Savory Snowplum
Sauteed Goby
Snapvine Watermelon
Soft Banana Bread
Small Pumpkin
Shiny Red Apple
Spice Bread
Smoked Bear Meat
Skullfish Soup
Scorpid Surprise
Soothing Turtle Bisque
Spiced Chili Crab
Skyguard Rations
Seasoned Wolf Kabob
Smoked Talbuk Venison
Savory Deviate Delight
Slitherskin Mackerel
Baked Salmon
Sparkling Frostcap
Snapper Extreme
Sewer Carp
Highlander's Iron Ration
Highlander's Enriched Ration
Defiler's Field Ration
Arathi Basin Iron Ration
Arathi Basin Field Ration
Dark Desire
Festival Dumplings
Candy Bar
Warsong Gulch Iron Ration
Lily Root
Bag of Popcorn
Soothing Spearmint Candy
Pyroblast Cinnamon Ball
Goblin Gumbo
Nagrand Cherry
Elderberry Pie
Midsummer Sausage
Tasty Summer Treat
Raw Sagefish
Raw Redgill
Raw Nightfin Snapper
Raw Longjaw Mud Snapper
Raw Greater Sagefish
Roasted Mystery Beast
Slow-Roasted Eel
Raw Summer Bass
Raw Spinefin Halibut
Raw Glossy Mightfish
Raw Brilliant Smallfish
Night Dragon's Breath
Luminous Bluetail
Funnel Cake
Giant Sunfish
Enriched Terocone Juice
Darkclaw Lobster
Windblossom Berries
The Essential Brewfest Pretzel
Afrazi Forest Strider Drumstick
Stormgarde Muenster
Steaming Chicken Soup
Succulent Orca Stew
Succulent Pork Ribs
Sweet Potato Bread
Talbuk Steak
Tasty Cupcake
Stewed Drakeflesh
Versicolor Treat
Underspore Pod
Undermine Clam Chowder
Stewed Trout
Tundra Berries
Tracker Snacks
Tough Jerky
Longjaw Mud Snapper
Stolen Ribs
Springpaw Appetizer
Wyrm Delight
Winter Veil Roast
Winter Veil Loaf
Winter Veil Cookie
Winter Veil Candy
Winter Squid
Alterac Manna Biscuit
Wild Ricecake
Wild Hog Shank
Striped Yellowtail
Whipper Root Tuber
Westfall Stew
Crusader's Rations
Delicious Chocolate Cake
Tek'Abim Banana
Tasty Lion Steak
Mammoth Meal
Strider Stew
Tigule and Foror's Strawberry Ice Cream
Tough Hunk of Bread
Graccu's Homemade Meat Pie
Mightfish Steak
Deviate Fish
Graccu's Mince Meat Fruitcake
Great Feast
Mixed Berries
Grilled Bonescale
Mon'Nathal Shortribs
Diamond Berries
Grilled King Crawler Legs
Grilled Mudfish
Moser's Magnificent Muffin
Grilled Sculpin
Murloc Fin Soup
Dig Rat Stew
Grilled Shadowmoon Tuber
Grilled Squid
Nightfin Soup
Grim Guzzler Boar
Ogri'la Chicken Fingers
Dirge's Kickin' Chimaerok Chops
Harvest Boar
Oronok's Tuber of Strength
Harvest Bread
Pickled Fangtooth
Dalaran Clam Chowder
Harvest Fish
Dragonbreath Chili
Poached Nettlefish
Haunch of Meat
Poached Sunscale Salmon
Dalaran Doughnut
Haunted Herring
Healing Herb
Ravager Egg Omelet
Dragonfin Filet
Hearty Rhino
Dalaran Sharp
Heaven Peach
Heavy Crocolisk Stew
Redridge Goulash
Dried Fruit Rations
Heavy Kodo Stew
Darkshore Grouper
Helboar Bacon
Hellfire Spineleaf
Roasted Boar Meat
Dried King Bolete
Herb Baked Egg
Darnassian Bleu
Holiday Cheesewheel
Homemade Cherry Pie
Roasted Worg
Broiled Bloodfin
Rockscale Cod
Runn Tub Tuber
Runn Tum Tuber Suprise
Sagefish Delight
Bristly Whisker Catfish
Hot Lion Chops
Hot Smoked Bass
Briny Hardcheese
Imperial Manta Steak
Jessen's Special Slop
Blackened Worg Steak
Jungle Stew
Kaldorei Spider Kabob
Kibler's Bits
Blackened Trout
Lean Venison
Lean Wolf Steak
Blackened Sporefish
Blackened Dragonfin
Blackened Basilisk
Big Bear Steak
Bellara's Nutterbar
Bowels 'n' Brains
Boiled Clams
Bloodbelly Fish
Blessed Sunfruit
Bean Soup
Bad Clams
Crisp Dalaran Apple
Coyote Steak
Cooked Northrend Fish 12 PH
Cooked Crab Claw
Conjured Sourdough
Crunchy Serpent
Crocolisk Steak
Critter Bites
Crispy Bat Wing
Conjured Pumpernickel
Conjured Mana Strudel
Conjured Mana Biscuit
Conjured Cinnamon Roll
Clefthoof Ribs
Clamlette Surprise
Filet of Redgill
Frog Leg Stew
Fillet of Frenzy
Charred Bear Kabobs
Fillet of Icefin
Charred Wolf Meat
Fine Aged Cheddar
Giant Clam Scorcho
Firecracker Salmon
Gigantic Feast
Salted Venison
Sand Pear Pie
Smoked Rockfin
Sizzling Grizzly Flank
Small Feast
Special Chicken Feed
Gingerbread Cookie
Smoked Sagefish
Skethyl Berries
Scooby Snack
Smoked Salmon
Sauteed Sunfish
Shoveltusk Soup
Spiced Beef Jerky
Chocolate Square
Smoked Black Bear Meat
Shoveltusk Steak
Sour Goat Cheese
Smoked Desert Dumplings
Sickly Looking Fish
Senggin Root
Spiced Mammoth Treats
Darkmoon Dog
Dwarven Mild
Black Jelly